Cycling Lesson Plan – (Braking)

Written on:March 15, 2013
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Cycling Session Plan

Today I have something a little different.

Back when I was at school you were told you were doing 6 sports over the school year – and that was it. football, basketball, tennis, badminton, cricket and athletics – sometimes you’d do the odd trampolining lesson, but that was about it.

Now I loved PE, so this wasn’t really a problem for me, but for others, a change was what might have been needed to get them to even take part in physical education in school.

These days, I can be asked to deliver other sports in schools such as boccia, handball, tchoukball or even cycling.

Sports like handball and cycling are starting to grab a lot of attention in schools – especially since the Olympics.

If your school delivers, or is looking to deliver cycling in PE then the below lesson plan will help. If your school doesn’t deliver cycling however, the template of this lesson plan will still help with other sports.

You will need a set of bikes and some cones .

Session Aim: To help develop the basic technique of braking in a straight line.

Cycling Coaching Session Plan- Speed Bumps

Set up: Set up an oval area of cones, with 2 ‘Speed bumps’ areas. A Speed bump consist of a braking area (red cones), a slow area (3 orange cones) and an acceleration (or speed up) area (green cones).

  1. Start by having riders walk round in pairs. In this short exercise riders should get the feel for the track, and as they walk round explain to then what each area of cones mean.
  2. On the second lap (while still walking with bike) get them to brake in red area, go slow through orange area and accelerate through the green area.

Progression 1

  1. Now get riders to do the same thing, but this time while riding the bike
  2. Repeat until riders are comfortable with all 3 zones on both sides of the tracks

Progression 2

  1. Get riders into a single file (at least 2 bike lengths apart)
  2. This time they will ignore the gates and brake on the coaches whistle
  3. The last rider to stop dead loses a point
  4. Each rider starts with 10 points
  5. The rider with the highest number of points at the end is the winner

Coaching Points

  1. Keep head up and look in the direction of travel
  2. Try to keep straight line when travelling through gates
  3. Keep bodyweight to the rear of the bike
  4. Apply pressure on both brakes evenly
  5. Try not to skid

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